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Review: Putin’s Kiss

One of the most successful methods of political control involves contradictions β€” mixing the notions of rebellion and conformity to such a fuzzy degree that the energy of the former becomes the tool of the latter. It’s been on a constant rise in our own country with Tea Party activism, which has framed insider conservative politicians as outsiders to the […]

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Review: Client 9

With our current economic crisis and the plundering of America by Wall Street, there are few figures as pivotal – and disappointing – as former New York Gov. Elliot Spitzer, whose highly publicized clueless mistake in retaining the services of call girls robbed his supporters of any possibility of reform. Spitzer’s battles against Wall Street crime were astounding in their […]

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Review: Sicko

Michael Moore’s new documentary “Sicko” opens with an image that defines practically all sides of the issue of health care in American β€” a man stitching his own wound instead of going to a hospital. In many ways, this guy is to be admired β€” most people without health insurance would probably not take the procedure into their own hands, […]

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Review: Shadow Company

The word “mercenary” seems ancient at this point, like something more appropriate for “Pirates of the Caribbean” than any sober documentary about the Iraq War. As the new film “Shadow Company” shows, mercenaries are still very much with us but remain hidden in modern times thanks to a kind of linguistic political correctness. Filmmakers Nick Bicanic and Jason Bourque have […]

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Review: Romantico

As immigration laws become a hot-button issue, the refrain that illegal immigrants take away jobs from Americans still pops up. There is one particular harangue that implies that undocumented workers are taking away entry-level positions from our young people. Mark Becker’s documentary “Romantico,” which explores the life of one of these workers, poses the question: Exactly how many Americans are […]

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Review: Outfoxed

The year of the political documentary continues, but what has made this wave so unique is the way in which the media appears on equal level to the government in the critique. Witness filmmaker Michael Moore’s name elicited in the same spewing manner as John Kerry’s at the Republican National Convention, or Robert Greenwald’s new film “Outfoxed,” which targets not […]

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