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Thanksgiving For The Thanksgiving Impaired

Of course Thanksgiving is controversial, how could it not be? In the annals of offense, it might be less so than Columbus Day — Native Americans feel free to correct me on that one if I’m wrong — but the holiday has become a tangled 150-year-old traditional web of history as a children’s story and stuffing your face as a […]

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How To Make A Mix Tape In 2014

Amidst the usual election nonsense and world gloom last week, I did the most important thing I could think to do — I taught my son Hugo to make a mix tape. You don’t really consider all the details of what it took to make a mix tape until you sit down for the first time in almost 20 years […]

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Lessons From The Dog Park

Last year my family brought a new dog into our house. I’ve grown up with dogs, we’ve always had them around, but while I still live with my parents, this dog search marked the first one that I truly participated in as an adult. After months of searching, of countless calls and emails and visits to shelters, we finally found […]

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iPod Classic: I’ll Never Let Go

When the iPod Classic quietly died, it was underneath a bunch of public ballyhoo for the next shiny thing, the iPhonesomethingorother. I don’t know because I don’t have an iPhone. I barely have a cell phone, but that’s another story. I do have an iPod Classic, though, and it is now in its twilight years,. When I saw the news […]

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