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Stir by Jessica Fechtor

In February of this year, I got knocked down in the street. A complete accident, it occurred as a woman was stepping out of a shop door and wasn’t watching where she was going. She slammed into my back and sent me flying, face-first onto the sidewalk. I walked away from the fall but was left with severe muscle tears […]

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Darjeeling: The Colorful History and Precarious Fate of the World’s Greatest Tea by Jeff Koehler

Twice as much tea is sold as “Darjeeling” each year than is grown on the 87 tea estates in the Darjeeling region of India in the Himalaya mountains between Nepal and Bhutan. This “champagne of teas” is much coveted, and factors such as weather, politics and working conditions mean that tea sellers are more than willing to blend the lesser […]

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A Slice Of Britain by Caroline Taggert

I blame Nigel Slater. Were it not for his BBC show back in November, Nigel Slater’s Icing on the Cake (the third in a series that also includes candy and biscuits), I’d never even have heard of Caroline Taggert’s A Slice of Britain (Amazon, Powell’s).  But in his search for British cake, Slater encountered Taggert and her recent book, and he […]

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Hot Tea and Bread Dough

I got my first issue of Taproot magazine this past week. “Living fully, digging deeper” is their tagline, and “food, farm, family and craft” is emblazoned across the back cover. It’s basically about all the things that inspire me the most! It was nice to sit down and open something so full of ideas and possibilities. More than nice, it […]

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A Food Writer’s Favourite Food Books

If you ask most people, their best-loved books about food are probably cookbooks. They likely don’t actually cook from these tomes but rather consider them light entertainment, to be read in bed, provoking dreams of meals they’ll probably never prepare. As someone who spends most of the day reading and writing about food, books have to have a unique point […]

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Tasty by John McQuaid

Liver, blue cheese, candy, chili peppers. Some people like these foods, others loathe them. But why? How is it that some humans love sweets but hate hot stuff? How can some beer drinkers go crazy for hops while others prefer nothing but sweet, malty stouts? The secret goes beyond our tongues to our very DNA. Tasty by John McQuaid (Amazon, iBooks, IndieBound, Powell’s) explores […]

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