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Long Red Hair by Meags Fitzgerald

In Meags Fitzgerald’s previous book, Photobooth: A Biography, which documented just about anything you ever wondered about photo booths, she went far beyond her central…


The Hunter by Joe Sparrow

In The Hunter (Amazon) British cartoonist Joe Sparrow creates a fable of carnage — and devotion to it — without ever descending into the depression that…

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Up Down Clown by Whit Taylor

The sad clown is a trope that has been well-used in every storytelling media there is, but Whit Taylor’s Up Down Clown (Amazon) from Ninth Art…


The Institute

The 2013 film The Institute (Amazon, iTunes) is one of those rarest of documentaries that manages to replicate the experience it portrays in such a…


mini kuš! #37

One of the delights of mini kuš! is that you never truly know what’s coming next. Issue to issue, the stories and artists highlighted constitute a…