Foreign TV Alert: Jordskott

The Scandinavian police procedural has become a staple in 21st Century television, but the latest from Sweden, Jordskott, takes the genre far beyond what we have come to know.

Police detective Eva Thornblad (Moa Gammel) returns home following the death of her estranged father, an uneasy step into the a past that includes the disappearance of her daughter Josefine seven years before. Eva is convinced Josefine was abducted, the police were convinced she was dead, and Eva hopes to do some investigating of her own on her return home.

But so much more than the expected ghosts await her, as she becomes involved in another missing child case, and in the ecological battle between protesters and her father’s timber company, which ravaging the forest and planning to take it a step further by mining the area.

I suppose this is another one of those spiritual grandchildren of Twin Peaks, taking a swirl of personal drama and wrapping it all around concerns beyond the mortal realm, in this case, pulling heavily from concepts in Scandinavian folklore to add layers of background to be explored, as well as mysterious action. But like so many of these new generation shows, it does it better than Twin Peaks ever did, managing to stay on-message and to link the mundane with the fantastic in plausible and dramatic ways.

Jordskott is a highly original supernatural show that enlists the creepy ambience of the natural world and the foreboding rush of human emotion to tell its tale, rather than the kind of overdone window dressing that too many shows like it embrace. Hoping for a second season.

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