Vampire Cousins by Alexandre Fontaine Rousseau and Cathon


This cute and breezy story from French creators Alexandre Fontaine Rousseau and Cathon finds Camillia visiting her cousin Frédérique in a creaky old manor that she used to visit as a kid. Camillia is chipper and friendly and, well, normal, in stark contrast to pale, slightly sinister Frédérique. That’s because Camillia is actually normal, while Frédérique is a vampire. Her penchant for monologuing about the dark studies of her father lays the groundwork for what’s really going on in the village, though Camillia’s skepticism toward the supernatural doesn’t allow for her to accept the notion that vampires exist. This was originally published in France, now in English for the first time thanks to Pow Pow Press. Cathon’s animated black and white art brings Rousseau’s humorous banter alive in the book, as Camilia slowly comes to terms with the new, dark reality her cousin is presenting to her. Hopefully this is the first of a series, since my only complaint is that it leaves you hanging story-wise, if not emotionally.

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